June 30, 2010

England & U.S.A. JEWELRY - World Cup Month!

England: Sarah Herriot

This self-taught designer based in London models her gorgeous jewelry using a 3D modeling software (Rhino).
Her beautiful design and her ability in computer modeling give as a result neat and delicate pieces that would be very difficult to achieve carving by hand.
If you liked this little sample you may visit her website and enjoy watching her full collections.
Esta diseñadora auto-didacta de Londres modela su asombrosa joyería usando un software 3D (Rhino).
Hu hermoso diseño y su habilidad con el modelado digital da como resultado piezas delicadas y pulcras que sería muy díficil de obtener esculpiendo manualmente.
Si te gustó esta pequeña muestra visita su sitio web y disfruta de conocer sus colecciones completas.

USA: Armor

Sandee Shin is the designer behind Armor. I'm so in love with these pieces.
The materials are as simple as chains, but the results are amazing.
Assembled in the right amount, the right length, the right way, her designs fit just beautiful.
Most of them can be worn in multiple ways, how fun! My inner princess is claiming for one of these pieces! hahaha
Visit her website and her blog!
Sande Shin es la diseñadora detrás de Armor. Estoy enamorada de estas piezas.
Los materiales son tan simples como las cadenas, pero los resultados son asombrosos.
Ensambladas en la cantidad justa, el largo justo, la manera justa, sus diseños calzan hermoso.
La mayoría de las piezas pueden ser usadas de múltiples maneras, que divertido! Mi princesa interna reclama por una de estas piezas! jajaja
Visita su sitio web y su blog!


  1. WOWWWWWW gema I love these stuff, do you know of Julia Menthel? I once did a post on her on a blog now inactive :

  2. The jewelry by Sarah Herriot is stunning! Thanks ;O)

  3. @Mosaicista: I didn't knew Julia Menthel! I just visited your post and her website, thank you for recommendation :) her work is beautiful, like you said, you can see that she understands very well the materials she uses!

    @Aputsiaq: I'm glad you liked it! :D

  4. These are wonderful!!
    Lorena, I love this posts series of yours so much!!! Really don't want the world cup to get over!

  5. AMAZING AMAZING RING! I think England wins this match! ;)


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