July 14, 2010

School project... Eternity Band

This is the first project I made for my second year of the Workshop class at Jewelry School. (Soon I'll show you the second one ;))
Este es el primer proyecto que hice en la clase de taller en mi segundo año en la Escuela de la Joya.

It's not my design - it's a classical one; but making it has forced me to improve my filing skills!
I love the gallery (lateral carving) so much that I'd prefer to wear it as a pendant just to enjoy the view.
No es diseño mío, es un clásito, pero hacerlo me dio buena destreza con las limas!
Me encanta la galería (el calado lateral)... Me gustaría usarlo como dije para disfrutar de esa vista.

It continues to amaze me how a chunk piece of silver can be slowly converted into a shiny jewelry piece!
Me sigue maravillando como un trsozo de plata puede irse convirtiendo lentamente en una flamante joya!
Now is time to set the stones! (I'm a little bit jealous, I don't want their spark to outshine the work made with the metal hahaha)
Ahora es momento de engarzarlo! (Estoy algo celosa, no quiero que el brillo de las piedras opaque el trabajo en el metal jajaj)

I still don't know which stone color to choose! The only thing I'm sure of is that they'll be Swarovski crystals, I can't afford more expensive stones right now :)
I was thinking:
* Blackened Silver and Black crystals!? It could look like a sexy black lace...
* Or Polished Silver with Smoky Crystals?
* Or Gold plating the ring with Black Crystals?
* Oxidized & Champagne?, Gold and Raspberry?, Polished and Mint?, Oxidized and Scarlet?
Y no sé que piedras escoger! (serán cristales Swarovski, no puedo comprar piedras más caras en este momento jaja)
Estuve pensando:
* Plata oxidada con cristales negros? Puede verse como un sexy encaje...
* Plata pulida con cristales esfumados?
* Baño de oro amarillo con cristales negros?
* Plata oxidada y Champagne? Oro y frambuesa? Plata pulida y Menta? Oxidada y Escarlata?
Mmm, so many possibilities! what do you think? I'd love to hear your suggestions! :D
Son muchas posibilidades! que opinas? Me encantaría recibir sugerencias! :D


  1. I am so impressed with your skills and patience - beatiful work! I am partial to Blackened Silver and Black crystals or Oxidized and Champagne, but I am not very traditional.

  2. Thank you for the compliments Thomasin!
    And that's exactly what I'm trying to achieve, give a little twist to this traditional design :)

  3. I'm fascinated by the process of jewelery design and making and so was so impressed to watch your photos and read your post. That's a beautiful ring you've made Lorena!
    I love polished silver. I would say polished and Raspberry or Scarlet would be gorgeous but this is so hard to say!
    Looking forward to see the finished ring and your other works!

  4. Thank you so much Galit! :)
    In some weeks I'll post the pics of the ring with the stones ;)

  5. This looks so beautiful and your filing skills are great! We had to do a project like this when I was in school, but we never had to set the stones and now it is still sitting in my jewelry box with no stones. I think your black on black lace idea sounds mysterious and beautiful. I also like Galit's idea with the raspberry stones. Whatever you choose I can't wait to see the final result!

  6. I love seeing the in-progress photos of how you make jewelry like this. It's really interesting! I'm not sure which color combo I like best - maybe the silver with smoky crystals?

  7. Congrats! Lory, everything it's so so beautiful!! I like it so much...

    Love the flower ring is like something I wanted ever!!!
    Later can we talk about a ring with some pearls I got it????

    wish youuu the best!!!

    Cindy Cabello


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