December 8, 2010

Chocolate, Lace & Diamonds - Birthday in Bruges!

My birthday was on November 24th! I had a very special day in Amsterdam, and then my husband prepared an express trip to Bruges for the weekend to keep celebrating.
El 24 de Noviembre fue mi cumpleaños! pasé un dia muy especial en Amsterdam y para el fin de semana mi marido preparó un viaje a Brujas para seguir festejando.

I could say that my 28th year had a fairytale beginning, walking through a medieval town, hearing beautiful french, eating chocolate and buying lace and diamonds (well... just looking at them, haha).
I think this will be a special year, enjoying many new experiences, feeling nostalgic for the past ones, and suffering the urge to create new things!
Mi año #28 tuvo la bienvenida de un cuento de hadas, paseando por una ciudad medieval, escuchando francés, comiendo chocolate, comprando encaje y diamantes (ok, solo mirándolos).Creo que será un año muy particular, disfrutando muchas cosas nuevas, extrañando con nostalgia las pasadas, y sintiendo la necesidad de crear nuevas cosas!

I'll leave you some pictures from the trip!, at the end of this post you'll be able to find addresses of some places that I really enjoyed, and that I suggest that you don't miss when visiting Bruges!
Dejo algunas imágenes de Brujas! al final están las direcciones de algunos lugares que disfruté mucho, y que sugiero que no te pierdas si visitas Brujas.

Katelijnestraat 43
Daily at 12:15 you can see a diamond polishing demonstration

Katelijnestraat 6
***Ask for the Chocolatemilk, the best 3,50euros you can invest in food in Bruges!They bring you a cup of hot milk, a little plate with melted chocolate and whipped cream, and you mix them all! Delicious! They also bring you some small chocolates for degustation that are also excellent.

Oude Burg 4
I was totally delighted watching the handmade lace they have there. You will also find antique pieces that are breathtaking.

Ezelstraat 4, Bruges, Belgium
Beautiful, cozy (and affordable) restaurant with delicious pancakes


  1. Happy belated birthday! These photos are absolutely beautiful! I wish I was there now.

  2. Happy birthday dear!
    What a magical place to celebrate in!!
    I love Bruges. It is such a magnificent and I won't even mention the chocolate!!

  3. thank you girls :)
    the upcoming trip is London! (if the airports don't close because of the snow :S), have you been there? it's going to be my first time!

  4. Very cool shots my dear! I must say they are more inspired than my Brugge pics. When I went it was RAINY and dreary :(

  5. Lore, no te dije feliz cumple! :(
    espero que la hayas pasado lindo y se nota que si. Que lindo todo lo que contas y los lugares que mostras:)

  6. WOW! Te mudaste! Qué padre que ahora estás en un nuevo país lista para vivir nuevas experiencias. Recuerda que "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" Mucho éxito y saludos desde México de las chicas Amandina :)


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