October 27, 2011

Gemagenta at the Dutch Design Week 2011

I'm very happy to share with you that this year one of my pieces (199 carat series) is being displayed in the Etsy Booth for the Dutch Design Week 2011 that is taking place in Eindhoven, Netherlands (22 - 30 October)
Estoy muy contenta de compartir con ustedes que este año una de mis piezas está siendo presentada en el stand de Etsy en la Dutch Design Week 2011 en Eindhoven.

Etsy's main theme this year is the importance of sharing the story behind the things you make, which is totally a must! When buying handmade I always enjoy and look into knowing where the idea came from, what's its meaning, how it was crafted... when you buy handmade you're buying so much more than an object.
El tema principal de Etsy este año es la importancia de compartir la historia detrás de las cosas que haces, lo cual es esencial! Cuando compro algo artesanal siempre disfruto saber de donde vino la idea, cual es su significado, como fue fabricado... al comprar algo artesanal compras mucho más que un objeto.

Beside Etsy's booth I walked through the event enjoying eye candy designs, new materials & technologies, and clever solutions.

Además de Etsy, durante el evento pude disfrutar de hermosos diseños, nuevos materiales y tecnologías y soluciones.

Here I'm sharing with you some pictures of a tiny selection of the exponents, most of them have an unique craft feeling that I really like. Please check their websites so you can know more about their fantastic work!
Aquí comparto contigo las fotos de una pequeña selección de expositores, la mayoría de ellos tienen un aire artesanal que me encanta. Visita sus sitios así puedes conocer más de su fantástico trabajo!

Elvira Vroomen: gorgeous leather bags, I love the design, their functionality, their many compartiments, the motiffs, and the leather is so soft and beautiful. Bolsos en piel.

No-Stitch: like its name says, not a single stitch, just clever assemblage in this sturdy feeling bags. Bolsos de piel sin costuras.
The T/Shirt Issue: a 3D image is converted into a 2D sewing pattern, then the t-shirt fabric is cut by laser and folded resulting in this amazing sculptural garment. Camisetas escultóricas.

Floris Wubben: this room divider as you can see was made with a tree split in two and turned upside down, with its branches converted into legs. It's so beautiful! Divisor de ambientes fabricado a partir de un tronco.
Werner Neumann: the raw feeling, and the organic assemblage of the drawers in this piece can't go unnoticed. Cajonera en abedul.
Marleen Jansen: is playing allowed while eating? in this table it's mandatory! Comedor con "sube y baja"

Ilias Ernst: This magnetic lamp attracts screws transforming its shape and light as it interacts with the user.
Lámpara Magnética.
Annebet Philips: using led technology (that doesn't get hot), Annebet experiments with materials and shapes that we normally don't associate with a lamp, creating very interesting shapes. Lámparas textiles con leds.
Engelbert Roovers & Andela van der Burght: The atmosphere that creates this glass lamp is just amazing. Lámparas con en vidrio.

Michelle Baggerman: These beautiful fabrics are made out of plastic from very stretched strips of bags with no heat or chemical processes involved, resulting in a great green solution for recycling. Tela hecha a partir de bolsas de plástico.
VIJ5: Looks like wood, but it's recycled newspaper; its strength, color, and textures are fantastic. Papel de diario reciclado. 
Humade: proposes not to throw away your beloved but crashed china; they sell a DIY kit to restore it with a golden epoxi that looks really good. Compuesto para reparar porcelana rota.

Jorine: These cups and recipients with little legs and feet are very cute. Porcelana.
Elke van den Berg: every drink should have its own recipient, that's why she designed this hanging jugs in different materials: ceramic for water, porcelain for thee, and stoneware for the coffeepot. Recipientes para bebidas en ceramica, porcelana y gres.
Ruth Gurvich: She plays with graphics simulating that her pieces are made from complex digital 3D models. Porcelana.
Wieke van den Hengel: Every mug has a different flower blooming in its interior, delightful. Porcelana.

Harm van den Nieuwenhof: the minimalist design of this dining room is stunning! (vases in top by 
Elke Van den Berg). Comedor en concreto.
Studio Lenneke: this is just one vase of a wonderful series featuring beautiful geometric textures. Cerámica.
Studio Pia: these organic vases are composed by 3 pieces in three materials: ceramic for the bottom, colored glass in the middle, and a wooden made top. Jarrones en cerámica, vidrio y madera.

Hartogg & Henemann: they have very clever and fun designs, this necklace-brooch made of leather is inspired in the strips of ribbon that you have to pull to make a bow! (picture by H&H). Broche-collar en piel.
Zward: presents graceful pieces in resin mixed with silver, pirite and gold. Every jewel has a tiny black diamond hidden, a nice surprise and touch (picture by Zward) Piezas en resina, plata y oro.
Daniëlle Vroemen: Her geometrical pieces in silver look like paper folding accomplishing a nice sculpturing shape. Joyería en plata.

Iris van Daalen (for HUMANjewelry): these eye catching pieces are made using hair, a not so common, but very interesting material for jewelry. Joyería hecha con cabello.
Bernadette van de Braak: Geometric yet fluid, her cut out pieces are beautiful.
Studio Paula Arntzen: This light silk garment makes a beautiful statement of a jewelry piece. Joyería en seda.

WOW!, this post ended up so long, but I hope you made it until the end and enjoyed like me of all this dutch talent. Until soon!
Este post terminó siendo larguísimo!, espero que hayas llegado hasta al final y disfrutado del talento holandés tanto como yo. Hasta pronto!


  1. WoW Lorena! Amazing descriptions, I read it all. I liked the most: the leather bags, the recycled fabrics and wood, the minimalist dining room, the piece by Lenneke, the beautiful silk jewelry, and the 199 carat series opening piece by gemagenta hahahaha!!! great experience, thank you for sharing!

  2. Xulíssimo! Gracias por compartir!!!

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats for participating in this great booth, you deserve it!

  4. Que bueno!!

    Me alegro mucho.
    Que honor estar ahí, hay cosas realmente increibles.

  5. thank you for your support :) I'm glad you like the pics!

    gracias por tu apoyo! me alegro que les gusten las fotos! que lindas cosas verdad!?

  6. Qué buena noticia Lorena!! Esa expo es excelente y nos da mucha alegría saber que te han elegido para exponer.
    Nuestros mejores deseos y un beso grande grande!!!

    Mariana y Paula

  7. que de cosas bonita!
    felicidades :)


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