March 20, 2012

Thailand Treasures! Jewelry & Crafts - PART II

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We couldn't miss a paper parasols workshop! I bought a little one just for the sake of having one, because I wouldn't know where to put a big one in our apartment.

I was amazed by the whole process of making this traditional craft, 100% handmade from scratch and taking advantage of their local resources.

Our last destination was crazy Bangkok!, unfortunately we couldn't visit the National Museum, so I missed the classical jewelry collection, nail jewelry, head pieces, ostentatious gems and gold, etc...

BUT I really enjoyed a more accesible kind of jewelry, amulets!
As a birthday gift I received an engraved silver locket for amulets, so we visited the HUGE amulet market close to the Wat Mahathat looking to get some for my locket. I bought three without really knowing the meaning behind them (language barrier!), but I enjoyed watching the collectors chasing hidden treasures through huge piles of amulets.
By the way, these amulet lockets, come in many shapes and materials for all tastes and budgets.
Most of them have one or two windows covered by glass or plastic framing the amulet.

They go from as little as $1 to thousands! not only their figure, material and engraving is important, also who was the person who made it: if it was a very charismatic monk, then it's believed that the amulet powers are even greater! (and so will be their price)
If you are reading this and are from Thailand, could you help me read the amulets I bought?!

Finally, a picture of some treasures I picked up from Railay Beach, the simplest way to take a little piece of that paradise with me.

I hope you liked the pictures! What's your favorite piece of jewelry from an exotic trip?


  1. WoW! The paper parasols!! I would love to have one just white, and would be fascinated by the process. The amulets , incredible, and the locket, is it also from Thailand? and, does it have a glass? Amazing trip Lorena, how fortunate you are! It's so good how much you enjoyed it!

    1. Oops, I skipped that info, yes, the locket is from Thailand, and it's for that purpose, for carrying with you your amulets, they come in many shapes, and materials... I've got this one in Chiang Mai, it's made in sterling silver, and has one window covered by plastic.
      there were other lockets with windows in both sides so you can see two faces of the amulet, but I couldn't resist to this one with the beautiful engraving on its back :)

  2. thanks Lore! A-mazing!!!

  3. I am so amazingly jealous! (But in the good way!) making a paper parasol would be so cool. Along with everything else you showed!

  4. great photos! I would love it if we followed each other. I'll be following you through GFC!


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