April 30, 2013

Best Wishes Pectoral

After a delayed flight, losing a connection and spending one night in Mexico's airport (thank you irresponsible KLM!) I arrived to Monterrey just in time for the wedding from one of my very best friends!

For such special occasion I wanted to wear a special piece of jewelry and I designed a necklace with things I've been collecting for years from all around the world wishing the newlyweds lots of traveling and adventure in their new life together.

In this pectoral I used glass beads from Italy, amber from Russia, a piece of the first chain I made when I started making jewelry, leather scraps from Argentina, etc.

I sewed beads during all the flight from Amsterdam to Mexico, during all the night I spent at the airport, and a couple of hours once I arrived to Monterrey, it took way longer than what I expected, but while I was crafting it I was smiling alone like crazy remembering all the great moments I spent with my dear friend.

The wedding was beautiful, a rainstorm was expected, but the sky cleared up giving the new couple a beautiful night with a huge amber moon. They looked happy and in love, and we all joined them in their happiness.

I'll be in Monterrey for a couple of weeks, I'll be sharing with you in these days more pictures from my hometown and its mountains.


  1. This is a stunning piece of jewellery and I loved reading the story behind you making it. :o)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3


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