December 31, 2011

Thank you 2011 for making me fly!

Can you believe it?! 2011 is gone! Looking back, how was this year for you? 
For me it'll be an unforgettable one! It was our first year living in Amsterdam, we met new friends, new traditions, and we stayed healthy and in love. 

I had the fortune of being able to continue working in my passion: jewelry, and created new collections like Lingerie, Cactus and Mirrors; I also started the jewelry project notHIDDEN with a fellow friend. 

2011 will also be remembered as the year that Maxi and I reached our record mileage, accomplishing one of our biggest dreams: traveling the world! Not only that, we could also finish the year travelling to our home countries to spend the holidays with our friends and family. 

Here are some pictures from moments I enjoyed a lot! 

I'm so excited about the next year, I'm full of dreams and resolutions, and the motivation to put my hands on them to make them come true. 

I hope you have a wonderful 2012! My best wishes for you and may all your dreams come true! 
Thank you for joining me in this journey and for all your suport.

December 21, 2011

Merry Recycled Christmas!

This year I'm super happy to be in Mexico for celebrating Christmas with family and friends. 
Not having visited Monterrey in the last two years kept me away from getting to know my mom's newest hobby: "Belenismo".
I stumble upon a 3 meter miniature representation of the city of Bethlehem and the Nativity play.
Este año estoy super contenta de estar en México para celebrar Navidad con la familia y amigos.
Después de dos años sin visitar Monterrey, recién ahora puedo ver el nuevo hobby de mi mamá: "Belenismo".
Me topé con una reproducción miniatura de 3 metros de la ciudad de Belén y el nacimiento.

In this tradition the attention to details and historical facts are very important, and I love the fact that it is a major recycling project - Belenismo crafters collect materials throughout the year and keep their creativity at the tip of their fingers to create fantastic miniatures out of any imaginable object.
My mom made palm trees out of masking tape and old laundry hooks, little tins out of lightbulb parts, houses out of cheese and meat trays, ceramic vases out of yogurt bottles... I'm delighted to make a new discovery every time I go and observe her creation. By looking at these pictures, you can imagine where my crafty spirit came from!
En esta tradición la atención a los detalles y los hechos históricos es muy importante, y me encanta el hecho de que es un gran proyecto de reciclaje. Los "belenistas" recolectan materiales durante todo el año y son muy creativos para convertir miniaturas a partir de cualquier objeto imaginable.
Mi mamá hizo palmeras a partir cinta de embalaje y ganchos de lavandería, casitas de charolas de carne y queso, jarrones de botellas de yogurt... Cada vez que voy a ver su creación me fascino descubriendo nuevas cosas. Viendo estas fotos podrás imaginar de donde viene mi espíritu artesanal!

In the last picture you'll see a beautiful Baby Jesus that was modeled by my aunt, Mayra Garza, who devotes herself to making dolls.
En la última imagen puedes ver a un Bebé Jesús que fue modelado por mi tía, Mayra Garza, que se dedica a hacer muñecas.

I hope you are having a very special season as well spreading love and good wishes with all the people around you!
Espero que estés pasando una época muy especial llena de amor y buenos deseos con la gente que te rodea.

December 17, 2011

Thailand Memories

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of visiting Thailand for the first time.
It was a fantastic trip, a feast for the senses: turquoise beaches, emerald lakes, golden temples (even a white one!), new flavors and traditions, serene landscapes, and in Bangkok the most frenetic place where I've been.
Thailand's beautiful places and its lovable people gained my heart for sure and left unforgettable memories.
Hace algunas semanas tuve la oportunidad de visitar Tailandia por primera vez.
Fue un viaje fantástico, una fiesta para los sentidos: playas turquesas, lagos esmeraldas, templos dorados (incluso un templo blanco), nuevos sabores y tradiciones, paisajes serenos, y en Bangkok el lugar más frenético en el que estuve.
Tailandia y su amable gente ganaron mi corazón y dejaron recuerdos inolvidables.

Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. I took so many of them that I had to split the post in two. Very soon I'll be writing about Thai Arts and Crafts, obviously, including Jewelry!
De cualquier manera, dejaré que las fotos hablen por si mismas. Tomé tantas que tuve que dividir el "post" en dos. Así que pronto escribiré de las artesanías tailandesas, incluyendo la joyería!

Have you ever visited Thailand? What's your favorite place?
Alguna vez visitaste Tailandia? Cual es tu lugar favorito?
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