April 30, 2013

Best Wishes Pectoral

After a delayed flight, losing a connection and spending one night in Mexico's airport (thank you irresponsible KLM!) I arrived to Monterrey just in time for the wedding from one of my very best friends!

For such special occasion I wanted to wear a special piece of jewelry and I designed a necklace with things I've been collecting for years from all around the world wishing the newlyweds lots of traveling and adventure in their new life together.

In this pectoral I used glass beads from Italy, amber from Russia, a piece of the first chain I made when I started making jewelry, leather scraps from Argentina, etc.

I sewed beads during all the flight from Amsterdam to Mexico, during all the night I spent at the airport, and a couple of hours once I arrived to Monterrey, it took way longer than what I expected, but while I was crafting it I was smiling alone like crazy remembering all the great moments I spent with my dear friend.

The wedding was beautiful, a rainstorm was expected, but the sky cleared up giving the new couple a beautiful night with a huge amber moon. They looked happy and in love, and we all joined them in their happiness.

I'll be in Monterrey for a couple of weeks, I'll be sharing with you in these days more pictures from my hometown and its mountains.

April 12, 2013

New Moon Earrings + what happened in the last FIVE months!

It's been sooooo long since my last blog post: December 2012! a few weeks before Christmas... and many things happened since then! But let me first say hello to you with some jewelry :)

By popular demand, now available in my Etsy shop are the Under This Moon EARRINGS!
They are very light and dainty, and you can have your favorite moon duplicated for both your ears, or of course you can wear 2 different moon dates - mismatch fun!
They will be a lovely a present for Mother's day, so hurry hurry and order them NOW so you can get them on time!

Now, second part of the post, what's been happening in these 5 months?

I'll try to be brief and let some pics speak for me! 

On December I went to Paris to the Hotel Boheme Christmas Fair and the 7th edition of 200 Bagues 20 Createurs at Galerie Goutte de Terre.

I flew to Mexico to enjoy Christmas with my family in the beautiful Caribbean.

Then to Buenos Aires to receive 2013 with my hubby's family.

Afterwards I flew back to Mexico for spending some more time in Monterrey, my hometown. I missed those mountains!

I also spent some days in Mexico city with some good old friends.

Then back to Amsterdam for a few (super cold) weeks.

And then we had a super 5th anniversary trip which started with a weekend in Switzerland...

then a week in NYC...

and finally two short and romantic stops: in Venice...

and beautiful Verona!

Now I'm back in Amsterdam getting ready to go to Mexico for a few weeks for one of my best friend's wedding.

So... LOTS of traveling (my husband is a genius chasing travel deals!), coming along with L-O-T-S of work! :)
Can you believe that I've already made around ONE THOUSAND moons!?
All made with my two hands (I don't have any interns, yet)! And with all the in-between traveling, I've been jumping between cities with some tools in my suitcase, improvising a mini workshop everywhere I've been.

upper right: my mother's in law dining table in Buenos Aires oops,
bottom left: working at the beautiful atelier from mexican jeweler Lunaticart (gracias Bere!)
As you can imagine the last months have been CRAZY, I haven't have any time to blog, or release the new designs that are waiting to be finished in my bench.

But, I cannot complain, I'm enjoying this vertiginous ride! It's what life is giving me now, so I better make the best of it; there will be calmer times where I will blog more, design more, and all the other stuff that I'm currently leaving out.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading and staying in touch! 
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