CACTUS Mixed Media Rings

The experimentation continued these last weeks and I made some Cactus rings with clay, cotton threads and felt!
La experimentación continuó estas últimas semanas e hice algunos anillos Cactus con arcilla, hilos de algodón y fieltro.

My favorite is the Blossfeldia one! (already in my finger as you may see hahaha)
Mi favorita es el Blossfeldia! (ya lo tengo puesto como podrás ver jajaja)

In this quick post I want to share with you some pictures of the final rings and also from the process itself.
I hope you like them as much as I do. Did you already see the brooches as well?
These rings are not currently available at my shops, but if you're interested in them don't hesitate to contact me!
En este post breve quiero compartir algunas fotos finales de los anillos y una del proceso!
Espero que te gusten tanto como a mi, por cierto, los broches los viste?
Por el momento estos anillos no están disponibles en mis tiendas, pero si alguno te interesa no dudes en contactarme!


  1. The ring made up of clay really looks amazing and beautiful. I love these types of rings and it is a unique one no doubt I adore this collection. Thanks for the share. Keep posting!

  2. thank you guys! their making process was very fun!


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