Miniature Mirror Pendants

These tiny pendants were designed a few months ago, but only now I realized I hadn't introduce it properly at my blog.
Esta serie de dijes miniaturas fue diseñado hace algunos meses, pero me acabo de dar cuenta de que no lo anuncié propiamente en el blog!

Let me show you a little bit of the design and production process behind them... 
The idea of making small mirrors came to my mind while visiting the British Museum, where I saw a beautiful collection of ancient mirrors made of bronze and silver; it amazed me the way that for so long men have been looking for their reflection: in places as simple as calm waters, polished stones or metals, to the opulence of the Versailles Hall of Mirrors, and so on.
Déjame mostrarte un poco del proceso de diseño y producción detrás de ellos.
La idea de hacer espejos miniaturas se me ocurrió cuando visitando el Museo Británico vi una hermosa colección de espejos antiguos en bronce y plata, me sorprendió como el hombre desde hace tanto tiempo ha buscado su reflejo: en el agua, piedras o metales pulidos, el esplendor del Salón de los Espejos, etc.

Etruscan Bronze Mirror at British Museum   //  Hall of Mirrors by Evelina Svadling

It's like if there was a mysterious halo surrounding mirrors, from mythic Narcissus losing himself in his reflection to magical tales, superstitions, vanity, betrayals and blinding light.
But what I mostly love about a mirror is the fact that it's mainly about seeing yourself the way you truly are. It's about insight and honesty, and the embracing of your gifts as well as your flaws.
Es como si hubiera un halo mágico alrededor de los espejos, desde leyenda de Narciso perdiéndose en su reflejo, a cuentos, supersticiones, vanidad y luces segadoras.
Pero lo que más me gusta, es el hecho de que un espejo trata básicamente de observarse a uno mismo en la forma que realmente eres, y aceptar tanto tus cualidades como defectos.

With that feeling in mind I wanted to recreate some shapes of mirrors 
in polished silver, from the most minimalistic to the Baroque. I saw hundreds of pictures of all kinds of mirrors, and sketched another hundred.
Con esa idea en mente quise recrear en plata pulida algunas formas de espejos, desde las más minimalistas a las barrocas.
Vi cientos de fotos de espejos, y boceté otro ciento.

I made a selection from those first sketches, and rushed myself into cut them in metal, but the intricate curves in such small dimensions didn't really work, they were confusing and difficult to read.

So, I took those designs and refined them to the most simple silhouettes, but without losing their essence.
Hice una selección de esos primeros bocetos, y me apuré a cortarlos en metal, pero las curvas intrincadas en una dimensión tan pequeña simplemente no funcionaron, eran confusas y difíciles de leer.
Así que tomé esos diseños y los refiné a las siluetas más simples posibles sin perder la esencia de éstos.

I finally chose 5 pieces which I named like queens (and an empress): Wilhelmina, Antoinette, Isabel, Victoria, and Josephine.
I al final me quedé con cinco piezas que llamé como reinas (y una emperatriz):Wilhelmina, Antoinette, Isabel, Victoria, and Josephine.

For the photoshoot of the pendants, I placed them in little "scenarios" drawn by myself, so they would look like proper mirrors.
Para tomar las fotos, coloqué los dijes en pequeños escenarios que dibujé, así podían lucir como espejos.

I hope you like them as much as I do! They are such a lovely way to add a little sparkle to your day, and to remind you to be true with yourself.
Miniature Mirror series is available at my Etsy, Dawanda, and Supermarket shops!
Espero que te hayan gustado tanto como a mi! Son una linda forma de agregar una pequeña chispa a tu día, y recordar ser fiel a quien eres.
La serie de Miniature Mirrors está disponible en mis tiendas: Etsy, Dawanda y Supermarket!


  1. these are so elegant! could they be made as earrings too do you think? a wonderful, blessed new year to you too Lorena!

    1. Thank you Jan!, and that's a good idea, I think they would make a nice pair of studs too :)

  2. These are beautiful. I love the simplicity of the designs. I think Josephine is my fav :).

  3. son una cucada,
    me encantó ver todo el proceso creativo!
    un besin

    1. es la primera vez que escucho esa frase! ya busqué que significa jajajaj, gracias Noe!

  4. From the moment I saw them on your etsy shop I thought they are the most amazing tiny little thing, and the idea and the presentation, just brilliant. Furthermore, I know from experience that sawing such little pieces is a painstaking job, the craftsmanship is superb. Congrats Lorena! I love them!

    1. Thank you so much Irene, you understand my jeweler soul hahaha, and yes, these dimensions need a big load of patience :)

  5. These are really truly fantastic! Love the Antoinette.

  6. They are all so pretty and delicate... Josephine is my favorite too. And the photos and styling is pure perfection!

  7. So simple yet elegant! Very lovely


  8. Your new collection is amazing. I enjoyed reading about your process and how you came to the final product, all the way down to your little scenarios for photographing. Beautiful!!
    Everyday Inspired

  9. Son preciosos! Tan delicados!

  10. These are so cute and gorgeous! I love the idea of that photo shoot and the little sketches that you made.. You have talent and you are soo creative!

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  11. Que preciosidad!! Son elegantes y discretos me encantan!!

    Te sigo desde,


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