UNDER THIS MOON - Personalized Lunar Phase Charms

I designed this series a few weeks ago, specially for being released the week I was the featured seller at Etsy, and I didn't have time to write about it in my blog until now because I've been  working non stop in my studio making these charms. I'm very happy with people's response, in over 200 hundred customized moons made I've been amazed on how a very tiny piece of metal can be converted into a piece of jewelry that is so personal and special: I've read the most romantic quotes from lovers, sweet memories from moms, daughters, sons, sisters, and friends, goals achieved, trips made, successes over hard times, and even some really funny and peculiar requests! The same moon, for thousands of years, watching so many stories...

Moon print / TheCuratorsPrint

I personally remember some moons in particular... Under a beautiful full moon in Amsterdam I walked over the frozen canals last February, under a waxing gibbous moon I visited Paris for the first time as a newly wed in 2008.
I wish I could have taken the moon with me, or at least have taken a nice picture, that's why I thought it would be nice to encapsulate those special moments in lunar phase charms!

The idea hit my mind in a New Moon late night, and I had to wait a few hours to have daylight and be able to be noisy in my studio and create the first moons for the photo shoot.

I craft the little moon charms in sterling silver, in two different layers (for light shadow), and I apply texture and an oxidizing patina to get a nice contrast between moon and sky.

With a burr, I engrave tiny details of moon craters (which depend on the place where you see the moon, northern or southern hemisphere).

Lastly I engrave, by hand, the date on its back.

I attach these charms to a delicate German natural silk cord (you can choose from black or red) for making bracelets and necklaces.
Alternatively, you can have it as a necklace with a delicate and smooth sterling silver curb chain.

Finally I thought about the packaging and I designed this sweet sleeve card, where you have a blank space below the "Under this moon" quote for making it personal as well as spaces for registering the date, place, and lunar phase of the tiny charm.

The card is decorated with stardust and star constellation sketches made by Galileo Galilei, these drawings have over 400 years!

And it goes inside a semi translucent Pergamum envelope closed with a moon sticker I made out of a Galileo sketch as well, a lovely personalized present for that special someone or yourself :)

Would you like to have your little customized moon of that special night to be remembered? 
Maybe a moon that you didn't see but that you wish you had seen, like the moon of your parents engagement, the birth day of your favorite writer?
Or perhaps you want to save the date for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, or another special event in a cool way by gifting the expected moon with the date engraved!

If you like the idea as much as I do run to my Etsy shop to find this tiny moon charms in necklaces and bracelets (by popular demand coming soon in rings as well!), as an introduction of the series I'm engraving the chosen date on the back of the charm for FREE for a few more days!

What's your special night to remember?!


  1. I really love the moon, and when I see this charms, I absolutly fall in love!
    Are very beautifull! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the story and the whole process :) It puts the item in a very different light, from a very different perspective.

    Will you be also making moon earrings?

    1. Moon Earrings were not in my plans, but I love working on custom orders! so, if you want a pair of moon earrings let me know :)

  3. dulce genia! o dulce y genia :)))

  4. I enjoyed your work process so much! Thank you for describing it to us! These charms are so amazingly magical...I always love hearing the story behind an artwork, it brings the piece closer to my heart! :)

    I admire your work a lot!


    1. Thank you Erika! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

  5. Lore, impecable detrás de escena!

  6. Hola! ... acabamos de descubrir tu blog y nos encantan tus joyitas. Muchas felicidades por tu gran trabajo. Nos quedamos por aquí. Saludos desde España.

    1. gracias chicas! ya me voy a chusmear su blog :) saludos!

  7. I love this idea, and the pieces turn out so beautiful and discreet ... my night is the full moon! Congratulations for the work.


  8. Hey!
    I first heard of you when you were featured on Etsy. I follow you on facebook too (Im The Silver Grasshopper)and loved your stuff but I love it sooo much more since seeing these blog posts! You put so much work and thought into each piece and also the detailed stories and ideas behind them are truly amazing. Just wanted to say that I am way beyond impressed with your work!As I am starting to sell my silver jewellery too it has inspired me to put as much into it as I can! Well done and keep up the AMAZING work :)

  9. Good work! They are so pretty. Definitely someting special!

  10. They're so beautiful but I have a few questions, so... We give you a date and you're able to make the moon that was out on that actual date or is it just a moon? Because I've been looking for something like this for so long in a bracelet form but noone does it! Xx


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